3D optical digitization


We are able to meet the demands of industry in the field of optical digitization of real objects and Reverse Engineering. Digitizes objects from several millimeters to several meters. In addition to the digitization we can evaluate geometric tolerances, generate primitives derived from the scanned data, compare different scans or CAD data using maps and other variations. For use in design practice we perform reverse engineering of scanned data, we convert the polygonal models on desktop or on the volume geometry. The reconstructed model can be loaded into standard CAD applications, or you can create a specific model in CAD.

We offer:

Reconstruction and control of the geometry of the scanned object
Product comparison with primary CAD data
Creating primitives on scanned data and measurement geometry
Optimization of polygonal networks
3D scanning including texture and color of surface
Evaluation of geometric tolerances

System ATOS TripleScan 8M
Resolution of the CCD chip: 2x8 000 000
Area of mesurement mm2: 38x29 - 2000x1500
Density of marks: 0.04 - 0.61 mm